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Mobile phones say Yahoo!

Mobile phones say Yahoo!

Amsterdam – Continuing a collaboration that began in early 2005, Nokia and Yahoo announce the imminent availability of Yahoo messaging services (e-mail and IM) on the new Nokia phones with a Series 40 interface.

“Since the introduction of the Series 40 in 2002, Nokia has sold more than 400 million mobile phones with this platform,” said Kai Oistamo, vice president of Nokia, explaining that, until now, Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail were only available on Series devices. S60.

The first devices that the Finnish giant will equip with the new features will be the Nokia 6300, the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and the Nokia 5200. Also allowing the models equipped with the Series 40 to use these messaging services will extend the proposability of Yahoo! on mobile devices.

The world of mobile telephony is the next land of conquest for Yahoo, which is launching on an experimental level – in the campus environment – the new “Mixd” service, a sort of “mobile” social networking for sharing text messages. , photos and videos intended for groups of friends.

Yahoo requires users to use it to communicate events and appointments, privately or collectively. The creator of a group will also have the right to expel unwanted users or users who are unrelated to the policy that characterizes the group itself. Each group will be assigned a web space to host the contents (images, videos, messages) which must then be shared. The service is at an early stage and is, so to speak, awaiting feedback from user-testers.