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Mobile, DRM meets Linux

Mobile, DRM meets Linux

Barcelona – This week, at the 3GSM congress in Barcelona, ​​two different DRM (Digital Rights Management) schemes developed specifically for Linux-based mobile devices and ARM processors were presented.

Both technologies, developed by ARM together with Teleca and Philips Software, support the specification Open Mobile Alliance DRM 2.0 and take advantage of security extensions TrustZone included in the latest generations of ARM cores. TrustZone’s DRM systems mainly exploit the cryptographic functions in hardware, used to encode and decode protected contents in real time.

The two DRM solutions combine Philips LifeVibes Trust 2.1 technology with Teleca’s Obigo Application Suite: together these technologies provide a so-called ” protected environment ”Capable of protecting the intellectual property of various types of content, such as music, videos, ringtones, games and applications.

“The flow of content between personal media devices and PCs continues to grow,” said Cees Geel, CEO of Philips Software. “Our goal is to offer content creators a simple and secure solution to ensure that consumers can easily access it on any device. under the control of the DRM “.

It is well known as DRM technologies are particularly disliked by users above all due to the great limitations they often pose in the use of content, even those purchased legally.