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Mini Review: Arrog (PS4) – Extremely short but well worth the trip

Mini Review: Arrog (PS4) – Extremely short but well worth the trip

We wrote almost as many characters for this review as there were seconds to play in Arrog. Playtime isn’t everything, though, and this half-hour experience is worth the trip. It’s almost impossible to chat without messing things up, but it’s essentially a point-and-click puzzle adventure.

The game is quite limited; you’re there half the time and when you take control, the puzzles are very simple. It’s more of an interactive short film than a game as we know it, but there are some interesting moments that are scattered all over the place. While the puzzles aren’t challenging, it does mean things are moving at a deliberately fast pace.

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You’re more here for the beautiful minimalist black and white presentation, dreamy music, and simple storyline. The game represents Peruvian views on life and death with a wordless narrative, and it is actually quite effective.

If you’re approaching this from a trophy hunter’s perspective rather than looking for a unique experience, Arrog will come in handy as well. You can reach super simple platinum comfortably in an hour, if that’s what you’re looking for. However, that seems a bit reductive given the tone of the game. If you’re looking for a truly unique adventure, don’t worry about a short runtime and want to meet ethereal capybaras, this fits the bill. box, all these very specific boxes.

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