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Microsoft’s new Xbox app ready to download on Windows 10

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The new Xbox application is available in beta version and you can download it now on Windows 10. The new application is technically a Progressive Web Application (PWA) and is being designed to provide a social connection and store to download games using the new Xbox game. Pass for PC subscription.

Although an Xbox application has been available for a long time, Microsoft has changed its name to Xbox Console Companion to differentiate the purpose of the application, which will continue to exist.

The app is modern, clean, and simple, and it has three sections, including Game Pass, Social, and Store. In the left panel, as you install new games from the store, they appear in the left panel.

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At Game pass , you can browse and download available games by subscribing to Game Pass for PC. Unsurprisingly, selecting a title will allow you to learn more about the game, including trailers, screenshots, and system requirements, and of course you’ll have the option to install the game, which can be launched from within the app. (You can also start the game directly from the Start menu.)

At Social section, you will be able to see your friends list and access the chats.

Microsoft’s new Xbox app ready to download on Windows 10

At Shop The section is similar to the Game Pass section, but this is the place to find and buy any game (modern and classic Win32) from the Microsoft Store to play on your PC.

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Microsoft’s new Xbox app ready to download on Windows 10

If the game you want is not part of the subscription, you will see a purchase button instead of an installation option.

You can download the Xbox app now, although it is still beta. You can use it without a subscription, but you will have to pay for each game.

The Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC costs $ 9.99 per month, but during the beta period, you will only pay $ 4.99 per month. If you choose to subscribe, you’ll get access to more than 100 games with more titles coming over time, exclusive member discounts, and immediate access to Xbox Game Studios titles on the day of launch.

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