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Microsoft, the ten myths of Vista and Office

Microsoft, the ten myths of Vista and Office

Milan – A page recently appeared on the Italian site of Microsoft reports what BigM defines “the 10 myths to dispel” of Windows Vista and Office 2007. Five on each side, the alleged false truths are accompanied by a comment from the giant and by links that invite the user to deepen the topic.

According to Microsoft, 10 myths about Windows Vista to dispel they concern the more restrictive DRM technology, the higher cost compared to XP, the incompatibility with applications and hardware devices, the demand for a particularly powerful PC, and the violation of privacy.

In a nutshell, the giant states:
1) Windows Vista implements a DRM technology similar to that of XP, and does not introduce additional restrictions for the user;
2) the price of the Home Basic and Business editions of Vista is in line with that of the equivalent Home and Professional editions of XP;
3) almost all hardware manufacturers have released ad hoc drivers for Windows Vista, and compatible applications “are numerous” and continuously growing; for non-compatible applications Microsoft reminds you that you can use the free virtualization software Virtual PC 2007;
4) “the vast majority of PCs on the market are perfectly capable of supporting Windows Vista”, and the new operating system is capable of “adapting to the type of hardware on which it is installed”;
5) “Vista does not collect user information or data and cannot be used to identify PCs or users of non-original products”.

As for Office 2007 Microsoft denies that the software runs exclusively under Vista, that in order to purchase Office Home and Student 2007, you need to be a student, that the new graphical interface is more complicated to use, that the new Office files are incompatible with previous versions, and that older file formats can no longer be used.

Among the clarifications that will most interest consumer users is the one on Office Home and Student 2007 , two editions that according to BigM can be purchased and used “by all home users”, as long as they are not used for commercial and corporate purposes. Microsoft also reminds you that these licenses entitle you to install Office on three different PCs.