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Microsoft shows 12K resolution Windows 8 gaming PC setup for $ 17.00…

Welcome again my name is Carlos, as we always share what they ask us in valuable comments for our readers and this will not be the exception, stay until the end of the post to be with the latest news that we have prepared for you. As we wrote last week, we read all the comments and create cool content for you, so if you haven’t already, leave us your email and we’ll keep you updated. Without wasting any more time I hope you read the entire article and see you in the next clomatic articles.

Microsoft puts Windows 8 to the challenge by configuring a gaming PC featuring an incredible 12K resolution with an ASUS HD 7970 and an AMD 7970 graphics card in Crossfire mode to power 3 Sharp PN-K321 4K 32-inch monitors at 60 frames per second.

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Each Sharp monitor had a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, for a total screen resolution of 11520×2160 when combining three of these beasts. Microsoft also had to install a special driver package developed by AMD, and only then was Windows 8 able to generate an incredible 1,492,992,000 pixels per second. With all the settings set to “High,” the Dirt3 demo was able to maintain an average of 62-67 fps, peaking at 70 fps.

The downside, however, is that the demo only lasted a few minutes before the PC’s power supply gave up.

Still, this project shows the new DirectX functionality in Windows 8 and what is possible today with 4K monitors. It also reminds us that it is far from accessible and easy to set up, as Microsoft would have spent $ 17,000 – I say ‘would’, because the monitors were borrowed – and the company had to contact AMD directly. to help this impressive demo run.

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Oh! Also read Microsoft’s comprehensive and detailed article on the Extreme Windows Blog.

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