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Microsoft responds to European antitrust

Microsoft responds to European antitrust

Brussels – It was yesterday the last day, in which the ultimatum of the European Commission to Microsoft expired, and the company respected the deadlines by delivering the documentation requested by the EU antitrust authorities yesterday.

Brad Smith, famous lawyer and lawyer of the Redmond big, did not want to provide details on the content of Microsoft’s “response” but said he was confident, reiterating that the company did everything in its power to respond to the requests of the Commission.

To underline the point, Smith pointed out that Microsoft believes it is urgent that the Commission make more known clarity what should be the conduct of the company to comply with antitrust requests. In particular, what tariffs should be applied by the big Redmond on licenses to access Windows middleware protocols, those on which the Commission has threatened new heavy fines and which are precisely the subject of the ultimatum.

And it is for this reason, explained the lawyer, that Microsoft has not accepted a formal hearing with the Commission on the matter, instead asking for a round of informal talks that can lead to the hoped-for clarity.

The ball at this point passes to Brussels which, if it is not satisfied with Microsoft’s response, may decide to sanction the company with figures in the tens of millions of euros.