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Microsoft refines its Flash-killer

Microsoft refines its Flash-killer

Redmond (USA) – Microsoft has released the second public preview of WPF / E, acronym for Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere, a technology that is in direct rivalry with Adobe’s Flash: similar to the latter, WPF / E can be used to create and publish on the Web applications and interactive content of various types, such as vector animations, 2D graphics, audio and video.

This second Community Technology Preview (CTP) marks one of the last stages in the development and testing of WPF / E, which is expected to be completed by next fall. Meanwhile Windows and Macintosh users they can already test BigM’s Flash-killer by clicking on one of the examples provided on this page (also downloadable in a single zip file for offline viewing). The plug-in necessary for viewing contents and applications WPF / E can be downloaded directly from the examples, and is compatible with Internet Explorer (Win), Firefox (Win and Mac) and Safari (Mac) browsers.

Based on the XAML language, WPF / E is a subset of Windows Presentation Foundation which allows developers to use the same core tools and technologies to create interfaces suitable for both desktop and web environments. XAML code can be created with MS Expression Blend, an upcoming application dedicated to interface design. , and programmed with Javascript.

WPF / E also contains a “lite” version of the Common Language Runtime, which makes it capable of executing Visual Basic.NET and C # code and even running where the MS.NET Framework is not present. This latter feature makes WPF / E one cross-platform technology , which can also be implemented on platforms other than Windows. For example, today it is already available for Mac, and in the future it could also land on Linux and Solaris .

“We haven’t defined the terms of the license yet, but our goal is to allow people to adopt and use this technology on any platform,” said Forest Key, director of Developer Tools Product Management at Microsoft. “We plan to provide the necessary technical components, including source code, so that anyone can create a native implementation.” Key added that a WPF / E plug-in will also be released for the Opera browser in the future.