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Microsoft is going after Google for releasing the Windows 8.1 security vulnerability …

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Microsoft disappointed Google by revealing the security vulnerability in Windows 8.1 two days before releasing the corresponding patch.

Earlier this month, Google released details about a security flaw in Windows 8.1 that has yet to be fixed and could allow malicious people to exploit this vulnerability. The search giant made the decision to publish the bug as part of its Project Zero, which gives companies 90 days to correct any vulnerabilities before making the information public.

The problem is, Microsoft warned Google that it planned to release the corresponding fix in its next patch Tuesday update, and the search giant went ahead and released the details of the bug.

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Although the software giant understands Google’s policies, the company feels the search company was just playing “pranks” with no regard for customer safety. Chris Betz, Microsoft’s senior director for the Security Response Center, shares “What’s right for Google is not always right for customers. We urge Google to make customer protection our primary collective goal. «

Microsoft’s senior director insists that fixing security bugs can be a “complex, lengthy and time-consuming process” and that Google should have been more cooperative as the software could affect millions of users.

Google, in its defense, says that 90 days is more than enough time to allow companies to correct their security vulnerabilities, before the company discloses the information through Project Zero. The search giant also believes its policy leads software companies to address any vulnerabilities more quickly. However, Microsoft disagrees, saying that fully disclosing a security vulnerability before a fix is ​​issued only puts customers who depend on the software at risk.

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Do you agree with Google’s decision to publicize Microsoft’s security vulnerability when the company knew a fix was coming?

Microsoft are doing

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