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Microsoft, Brussels admits its own powerlessness

Microsoft, Brussels admits its own powerlessness

Brussels – The endless legal quarrel between the European antitrust authorities and Microsoft was enriched yesterday by the singular statements of Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Competition, according to which the Redmond big continues to conquer market shares by exploiting behavior that Kroes defines as “abusive” .

According to EU estimates, Microsoft held about 35 percent of the market in 1999, a share that had risen to 60 percent in 2003 to the current 70 percent. These numbers, however, would not demonstrate the company’s ability to offer what the market requires, but rather the ability to exploit its dominant position in ways that have already on many occasions been targeted by the Union authorities. The sensational antitrust sentence that condemned the Redmond big is from 2004.

If Microsoft claims to cooperate in every way possible with the Commission’s requests, it is only signaling that this is not enough. Recently, as will be recalled, the European antitrust has said it is ready to impose new sanctions on the IT giant.

The reason is the same as always: the methods of access of the company’s competitors to the protocols that can allow them to build software for Windows as integrated as those offered by Microsoft. Protocols that, in the Commission’s latest warning, are not innovative enough to allow Microsoft to demand payment from its rivals who intend to use them.