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Metello, no-DRM, debuts on the mobile phone

Metello, no-DRM, debuts on the mobile phone

Milan – Metello, the “made in Italy” social networking portal, wants to make room for itself in the world of mobile telephony and launches a service that offers the possibility of viewing the videos on mobile phones, proposing itself as a springboard “for those who want to become a Web Star “.

We are not yet at the level of the “mobile” services offered by MySpace and YouTube on the operators’ networks – for example in partnership with Vodafone – but this is a first step, carried out with “proximity” technologies. In fact, the service is only active via Bluetooth, in “activated” public places.

A first test phase kicks off in Milan, in some well-known clubs such as the Magenta Bar, L’Exploit, the Must and the Luminal: “Operation is simple – explains a press release – within an activated room, it lights up the bluetooth of the mobile phone and you receive an invitation to download the video of the day, after a few seconds you will receive the message with the video attached. All videos are free from DRM protection and can be freely shared with your friends or even sent via MMS or e-mail ”.

“With this new service, Metello gives anyone the opportunity to publish their videos to the community – explains Federico Bolondi, founder of the video community – but from now on it is multifunctional and can also be used as a springboard for those who want to become a Web Star. “. Better than a reality show, society seems to say, perhaps because it is “digital”. And the first “testimonial” that Metello can boast is Alina, a very young singer who participated in the 2003 Sanremo Festival (also an actress in the Italian soap opera “Un posto al sole”) and who from this week presents the video of her new single.

A detail: Alina’s song is titled “My space” and, as we read on Repubblica.it, any reference to social networking and the MySpace portal is purely desired.