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LinuxNews / Open source driver also from HP


LinuxNews / Open source driver also from HP

Hewlett-Packard has released Linux drivers for over 30 inkjet printers. These printers are among the most widespread and economical on the market, so this announcement was received with great enthusiasm by the Open-Source world and demonstrates the interest of this great company in the Open Source world.

The “HP Linux Inkjet Driver” project is an extension to the GNU Ghostscript application. The drivers have been released under different licenses based on the products: the GNU Ghostscript is released under the GPL, the libraries and the code needed to merge the two projects is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), while the HP Inkjet Server is released under the BSD license with a particular clause that forces them to be used only with HP products.

The drivers are available both as RPM and as source code on SourceForge.
The supported printers in this release are:
e-Series: e-20
DeskJet 600C Series: 600C, 660C, 670 / 672C, 670TV, 680 / 682C
DJ 600C Series Photo: 610 / 612C, 640 / 648C, 690/692/693/694/695 / 697C
DeskJet 630C Series: 630 / 632C
DeskJet 800C Series: 810 / 812C, 830 / 832C, 840 / 842C, 880 / 882C, 895C
DeskJet 900C Series: 900c, 930 / 932C, 950 / 952C, 970C.

This version of the drivers omit several advanced features, but HP ensures excellent print quality on both plain paper and specialty photo paper.

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