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LinuxNews / HP adopts Debian Linux

LinuxNews / HP adopts Debian Linux

HP has announced that “Debian” will be their “design center”. This means that Debian will be the platform selected to work with Linux at HP.

HP had already stated that it wanted to work with all Linux distributions included in the LSB (Linux Standard Base) standard, but now it has made a strong choice.

HP already sells the Debian distribution to its customers and will offer support and training. But that doesn’t mean the other distributions will be abandoned – HP certifies its hardware for several distributions.

HP chose Debian for several reasons. The first is because the Debian development process is the clearest and most visible of all distributions. Furthermore, the “purity” of the Debian license (the association that takes care of its development is a non-profit) offers guarantees on the non-commercial derivation of the distribution.

HP was pleased that Debian views this agreement as a free software contribution rather than a commercial partnership.

Debian is also known for the ease with which packages can be installed. It should also be noted that HP provides services to Debian and pays some of its developers.

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