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Libreka! The book search that publishers like

Frankfurt – “Google Book Search is more of an enemy”: this is how one of the major German publishers spoke, referring to the Book search service offered by BigG. The alternative on the front of the book industry? Libreka! , the online book search service created by the German association of publishers and sellers of books MVB.

Presented as part of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Libreka! is the direct subsidiary of the Volltextsuche Online service (literally, “search all texts online”), launched in 2005. But Libreka! brilliant intuition, his business model. Actually Libreka! follows the BookStore Discovery project, recently inaugurated by Macmillan: the same platform, developed by the Indian software house MPS, with the same goal, to grant publishers maintain full control over their catalog, while pouring it online to ensure visibility .

First difference compared to Google Book Search, the most appreciated by publishers: the texts will be inserted in the database only subject to the authorization of the person who manages the rights . An opt-in mechanism also practiced by Microsoft with its Live Search Books service, which is opposed to the widely criticized opt-out practice chosen and defended by Google, which allows publishers to remove only the text they do not wish to remove. see indexed.

Libreka! now allows you to search the online catalog, eight thousand works that come from three hundred German publishers: users are allowed to view a card, the cover and the title page of the work, large excerpts or the complete text of the book, all at the discretion of the publisher., answer to Andrea Rossato

Libreka !, while offering indisputable advantages to the reader, it is particularly aimed at book sellers : for bookstores with an Internet showcase, it will be possible in the near future to integrate the cards and functions offered by the service. Information Media Partners prospects that Libreka! it will allow sellers to offer a centralized overview of book news, maximizing the visibility of mainstream works regardless of the publisher who publishes them and also enhancing sectoral titles, perhaps with tasty previews of the text, to be savored before purchase.

Purchase that will soon be possible directly online: if Libreka’s offer! it is now essentially business to business, in the near future, they explain from MVB, “in one way or another it will reach the end user”, perhaps with the sale of e-books or with the collection of online orders for paper books.

Everything ok for BigG? Also present at the book fair was Jens Redmer, coordinator of the European section of Google Book Search: “We should not underestimate the potential Libreka!”, A statement collected by Deutsche Welle, with which Redmer probably meant to refer to the hostility shown by numerous publishers Europeans, dissatisfied with Google’s unauthorized indexing. But Redmer did not give up adding that BigG’s catalog is wider and more varied: thanks to some far-sighted publishers who have been able to seize the opportunity offered by Google Book Search, integrating it into their marketing strategy. They are publishers like Random House, which, Ars Technica explains, seems to return to believing in ebooks, but in the flexible pay per page formula: pills of books to be sold online with the support of the search giant.

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However, there are those who reject any kind of screen devilry and believe in the traditional book, the one that turns yellow, the one to pass from hand to hand. For this type of nostalgic user, reports the New York Times, there is Bookmooch, a service that is being kept fortunately also in Italy, dedicated to exchange of used books and to the circulation of a culture that often remains entangled in the choices of traditional publishers. Publishers who think about making ends meet, who jealously preserve the rights to the works but cut back on reprints, publishers who give up the opportunities offered by economic and innovative distribution platforms.

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