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LG launches the cioco-cell

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LG launches the cioco-cell

Seoul – “Swiss? No, LG “. The South Korean manufacturer could paraphrase a well-known commercial to advertise its line of mobile phones dubbed “chocolate phone”.

LG had already presented a slim and modern mobile phone for the Korean market. Its appearance was so similar to that of a chocolate bar that at its debut it was immediately renamed “chocolate phone”.

A well-equipped tablet from a multimedia point of view: integrated memory of 512 MB, 2-inch LCD display and MP3 player… are some of the features provided on board this mobile phone dedicated to fans of the “nectar of the gods”.

But LG knows that, in addition to the “classic” black chocolate, there is also white chocolate and has therefore decided to extend the range of the chocolate phone to a similar version, but offered in white.

LG claims it has already sold 300,000 of these slide phones in the South Korean market. Currently the range of cioco-fonini is reserved for the Asian market only. However, it seems that in May it may also make its appearance in Europe, including Switzerland.