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LG launches another chocolate cell

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LG launches another chocolate cell

Seoul – The Korean market is about to welcome another example of the chocolate series launched by LG. The new model will be called KV-6000.

The new LG arrives on the Seoul market more or less while the European market is looking forward to the first models of the range, which it will soon become acquainted with, and which in the East are already known and rewarded with good commercial success.

The KV-6000 will be a slide-phone with a clean and elegant line distinguished by the golden plate with the words “Black Label”. Inside there is a digital camera with 1.3 Megapixel resolution (with camcorder function), a QVGA LCD display, 512 MB built-in memory, MP3 player with equalizer and 64-tone polyphonic ringtones.

In addition to the refined design, the new LG stands out for the presence of an infrared sensor that activates and displays the buttons, invisible when the phone is off or in standby. If the first LG cioco-series were to repeat its success in the Rising Sun in Europe, it is likely that the company is planning to bring the KV-6000 to you soon.