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Leopard reads and writes OpenDocument

Leopard reads and writes OpenDocument

The open document format OpenDocument (ODF) raises another flag, this time on the upcoming major release of Mac OS X. During the week, Apple confirmed that ODF will be one of the formats natively supported by Leopard.

Mac OS X 10.5 will be able to open and save ODF documents by means of TextEdit a system application that, similar to Windows WordPad, provides an essential set of text editing capabilities.

TextEdit the young Open XML format will also be compatible Microsoft, at the base of the new Office 2007: this means that Leopard users will have the possibility, without resorting to external applications, to “convert” (in reality it is not a direct conversion) Open XML documents into ODF and vice versa. It remains to be seen how accurate the conversion will be, especially with more complex documents.

Rumors claim that ODF support will also be integrated into the next release of Pages, Apple’s word processor, which currently already supports Open XML.

ODF is the native format of OpenOffice / StarOffice and of the young IBM Lotus Symphony, but thanks to a free add-in it can also be added to Office XP, 2003 and 2007. To date this format is also supported by WordPerfect, Google Docs, AbiWord, TextMaker and Zoho Writer.