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Japan, a mobile phone for every baby

Japan, a mobile phone for every baby

Tokyo – Government bonuses and economic aid for procreation are outdated methods to incentivize families to expand. At least according to what is happening in Japan where, to counter the decline in the trend in births, it was decided to include among the family support measures decidedly innovative incentives : cell phones and other electronic devices.

Engadget tells how the Japanese government, in collaboration with the thriving local electronics industry, has introduced a series of measures aimed at encouraging families to have children. As happens to some politicians in Italy, many Japanese in the Palazzo also believe that the decline in the indigenous population is to be considered a problem.

Among the names that have already collaborated on these types of projects are Canon, Panasonic and Sharp, which have developed financial aid programs for workers with children and funding for fertility care. Softbank has gone further by offering bonuses, cell phones and telephone traffic at no cost .

The measure could also be highly appreciated in Italy, where more mobile phones than inhabitants live, a fact that – placed alongside the recent market developments (in which the growth of 3G devices and services stands out) – suggests that such a measure would be very welcome, probably more than the incentives to purchase digital terrestrial decoders.

Dario Bonacina