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Italy is … cartocratic

Italy is … cartocratic

Once upon a time there was the computer protocol, dematerialization, digital signature and the obligation to use electronic mail within the PA. Once, because in the current situation it would seem that laws and regulations were not enough to make Italian public bodies evolve. There paper remains dominant in document management .

This is explained by an investigation by the CNIPA, the government’s IT arm, according to which electronically registered public documents are still today less than 50% .

What makes this toll even heavier is the fact that two thirds of administrations are ready to go digital yet right they do not do it which could also be interpreted as the result of a cultural delay in which public administration staff bask, more or less consciously.

The CNIPA does not explain it like this. According to the analysis, in fact, the difference between preparation and actual use is due to other elements, such as poor coverage (in terms of registered documents out of the total), the excessive duration (on average four years) of the transition phases and, finally, the limited functionality actually activated in the projects. “From the data provided by the survey – continues the CNIPA – it emerges that about 80% of administrations claim to be equipped with IT applications for document management and 60% to use it for a maximum of 20% of the documents processed (rate of digitization) “.

If you then go and see how many documents come electronically exchanged then the delay appears obvious: only about 2% of the total follows the digital way, the rest follows the paper paths of an obsolete documentary tradition.