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Italian ICT is growing, more or less

Italian ICT is growing, more or less

There is a new air among the experts who deal with the numbers of Italian ICT, the trend of the IT, services and telecommunications markets. After the darkness of the past years, the signs of recovery they are consolidating despite ups and downs and different judgments on the solidity of the current growth phase. A growth which, however, remains modest.

AITech-Assinform spoke about it yesterday, anticipating some of the figures that will be presented next November 8 together with the usual Annual Report. Figures that draw a summary picture of the first six months of 2007 for the industry in the sector. According to the association of ICT companies in 2007 the IT sector “Confirms himself at the head of the economic recovery, signaling the revival of the demand for technological innovation in the country”.

The hard and raw numbers speak of a growth of 1.7 per cent, compared to +1.1 per cent in the first half of 2006 and the even more contained +0.4 per cent in 2005. “Without particular incentives – observes the Association – Industry and Services are increasing investments in information technology at a higher rate than those aimed at the purchase of machinery and equipment, which in the same period stood at +1.3 per cent ”.

The Italian IT sector at the end of June reached 9,921 million euros in turnover while the aggregate market (IT and TLC) totaled 31,971 million euros, with an increase of 0.8% compared to the first half of 2006.

The TLC market (equipment, terminals and services for fixed and mobile networks), while recording the increase in innovative services, according to AITech-Assinform continues to show a slowdown in the growth trend (+0.5 percent compared to +0.6 percent of the previous year) in connection with the lowering of costs for users, reaching 22,050 million euros.

Assintel data
But yesterday Assintel also made public the numbers of the Assintel Report on the software and services market, numbers according to which in 2007 the Italian ICT it grows by 2.1 per cent bringing the turnover to 21.4 billion euros.

According to Assintel, ICT therefore proves vital despite being “inserted in a structural, regulatory and financial context, which penalizes its development compared to other international players”.

According to the study, spending on software it counts for 4 billion and grows by +3.4 per cent. Hardware, on the other hand, absorbs about 7.5 billion and grows by +2.1 percent. IT services also rose, to 9.9 billion, with an increase of 1.5 percent.

“Our market – underlined Giorgio Rapari, president of Assintel yesterday – is penalized by the small size of the company, by a still prevalent manufacturing vocation, and by a tax burden that excessively affects the profitability of production activities”. “We need – he said – systemic contextual measures, capable of freeing up resources for innovation and business risk: this will be one of the essential challenges of the policy of the near future”.