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Interpol: pedomaniac identified

Interpol: pedomaniac identified

A few days ago the international appeal and now the first results: Interpol is on the trail of the man believed to be the perpetrator of repeated violence against minors. A person whose face appeared digitally masked on numerous photographs seized over time by the investigators, and who had been reconstructed “undoing” the digital masking.

Now the international police have announced that it is believed that the man is in Thailand where he would try to hide to avoid capture. Apparently he arrived in Thailand a few days ago, after the Interpol appeal, coming from South Korea where “Vico”, this is the code name assigned to him by the police, is an English teacher.

Interpol said that hundreds of citizens from different countries responded to the appeal and thanked them for their contributions. And he explained through the mouth of his secretary general Ronald Noble that “Thailand is at the center of an international manhunt and that the authorities of the country, in connection with Interpol and police forces around the world, are tightening the circle “.

If the hunt is successful, Interpol could decide to repeat the international appeal experiment also in other “full-blown” cases, when the person’s participation in pedophile abuse is even documented in the evidence already collected by the authorities.