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Intel opens the graphics drivers for Linux

Intel opens the graphics drivers for Linux

Santa Clara (USA) – The Intel Open Source Technology Center, the group that deals with the development of software and open technologies at Intel, has released in recent weeks an open source version of the graphics drivers of the 965 Express chipset.

The open source drivers released by the Santa Clara chipmaker include support for 2D and 3D graphics capabilities, and represent the beginning of a collaboration between Intel and the open source community X.org and Mesa3d.org. The declared goal of the Californian giant is to contribute to improving the graphics capabilities of open source operating systems, and Linux in particular, and to work closely with the open source community to increase the functionality and efficiency of its drivers. graphs.

The 965 Express chipset is particularly important because it is the first product to implement Intel’s fourth (and latest) generation graphics architecture. Designed to support the advanced rendering capabilities implemented in modern graphics libraries (DirectX and OpenGL), this chipset family includes support for programmable vertices, geometry and fragment shaders.

In conjunction with the release of the new drivers, Intel has also launched a new site, intellinuxgraphics.org, which will henceforth serve as an access point and repository for its open source graphics projects.