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Instagram is working on a vertical feed format similar to TikTok for Stories: Report

February 5, 2021 09:10:10 IS

Instagram, the popular social media photo and video sharing service owned by Facebook, is working on a new design for its stories that could replicate the TIC Tac style. Instagram will change the layout of the stories to slide them vertically in an up / down style. TechCrunch relationship suggests that the feature on Instagram is yet to be tested, but the modified code for the feature is already running. Vertical sliding up and down would make the app behave more like the way the rollers roll through the app.

This feature still stands as a prototype and it is unclear if it will ever be made public for use.

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A developer named Alessandro Paluzzi shared the screenshot of the feature that doesn’t really show how the feature works, but has a short description of how it works.

Looking at the new change, it seems that Instagram wants to unify the experience of the feature in its application considering how we already swipe up / down to scroll the stream and rolls.

# Instagram working on Vertical Stories 👀
Swipe up and down to explore stories.

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) February 2, 2021

From now on, users can browse stories by swiping or tapping left or right on the left or right side of the screen, which jumps to the previous or next story. This experience will change completely with the new “vertical stories”.

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This feature is still a prototype and it is unclear if it will ever be made public for use, but this rule definitely confirms that Instagram works on features quite similar to TIC Tac and could work to provide a better overall user experience.


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