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Incredible? Even .mobi domains are selling like hot cakes

Incredible? Even .mobi domains are selling like hot cakes

.Mobi domains seem to be enjoying considerable success on the market. During the last Moniker.com auction, three domains for mobile sites were beaten to quite large numbers. As TechCrunch reports, Moniker managed to raise $ 150,000 with Poker.mobi, $ 145,000 with Ringtones.mobi and $ 110,000 with News.mobi. A high “average” which, however, does not scratch the record of 200 thousand dollars recorded in the previous auction for Flowers.mobi.

Although the so-called “dotMobi” were created to meet the usability needs of mobile phone users, many observers wonder what is the motivation for this renewed interest. As TechCrunch also points out, the advent of new generation smartphones makes the minimal formatting of sites.mobi practically useless. Users of the well-known blog recall, for example, that the “full-screen” differences between weather.mobi and weather.com are embarrassing to say the least. In short, only users of old-fashioned mobile phones – therefore with small displays – could be lured into the “markettara” trap of siti.mobi. In fact, it must be remembered that Tim Berners-Lee, director of the World Wide Web Consortium and father of the Web, in 2006 even defined them as “dangerous”.

As for the domains.com auction, according to DomainTool Blog, Moniker certainly achieved an excellent overall result. Computer.com was sold at $ 2.2 million, demonstrating that every time it is re-released, its commercial value rises dramatically. The results obtained by Investment.com ($ 900,000), SportingGoods.com ($ 450,000) and CateringService.com ($ 270,000) are also interesting. On the other hand, OnlineInvestiment.com ($ 9,000), GirlBlog.com ($ 4,000) and Wallstreet.com (no buyers) were disappointing.

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