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In Nightmare comes to PS4 with terrifying demons and monsters from the world of dreams

From Maximum Games and Magic Fish Studios comes a unique horror adventure game aimed at the PS4 audience. This unique title follows a young character who falls into a deep sleep. Once there, it is only moments before their dreams turn to nightmares and they must find a way out of this world of terror.

Players will have to trust their instincts and follow a terrifying reality where dreams come to life and haunt you. The toddler has very few defenses, making it a running, hiding, and puzzle-solving game. Escape from the demons and try to find a way back to the world of the living.

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In the nightmare is a narrative story where a young child must survive against terror. Helpless, he locks himself in forever, but players must help him stay hopeful and try to survive. Solve intricate puzzles, hide from ghouls and escape a nightmare world.

After the character closes his heart to reality, he falls into a deep sleep only to wake up in a nightmare. It is the story of a broken family, the pain and the ability of a child to escape a harsh reality.

Explore a whimsical world created from this boy’s memories and watch him go on a journey that will discover what’s inside. After suffering in reality, you must avoid past traumas that have turned into monsters that want to keep you locked in an eternal nightmare.

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Players will see that this is a unique puzzle game that teaches the hero to accept his fear and discover the truth. Once this is done, you will be able to purify the monsters in your heart and finally wake up in the real world.

This game follows a fairly straightforward premise and almost feels like a darker, bleaker version of Loneliness Sea. Although aesthetically beautiful, the twisted world is dangerous and will challenge the player’s ability to survive each turn.

Not much is known about this title other than what can be found in the trailer. This newly revealed experience is sure to provide the community with a new experience to dive into, and fear could be redefined throughout history.

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This title may be a horror experience, but that doesn’t make it a horror game. Players of all ages can learn from the adventure this boy is pursuing, and perhaps they can grow up alongside the hero as they discover the light in his darkness.

In the Nightmare is scheduled for release on PS4 later this year.

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