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IFPI in Ukraine sings victory for 36 songs

IFPI in Ukraine sings victory for 36 songs

For the Kiev Court of Appeal, mp3.ua infringed HonestMusic’s copyrights, selling 36 songs from the small record company without authorization. Internet Media File, owner of the site, will therefore have to remove content from its servers and pay a fine from 50 thousand euros.

This, perhaps, the conclusion of the story of one of the numerous clones of AllofMp3 born over the years especially in Eastern Europe as a consequence of the global success of the famous Russian site. The sentence against Mp3.ua comes thanks to the investigations and subsequent complaints by the record companies.

It is no coincidence that IFPI, to which HonestMusic is associated, applauds the verdict: “It sets a precedent for all Ukrainian sites that want to replicate the model of AllofMP3.com, which sells music without any permission from artists, composers or producers”.

That the ruling constitutes a major victory for the record industry is hard to doubt. IFPI and associates had to work hard for convince judges and authorities of the importance of protecting copyright also in Ukraine.

IFPI naturally does not stop with this ruling. The intention of the phonographers is to outlaw the entire activity of the Ukrainian site, which concerns many producers and record companies and certainly not just HonestMusic. For this reason, a criminal complaint has already been filed which IFPI can hope to have a follow-up.

According to Stefan Krawczyk, IFPI’s director of operations in Europe, “the Kiev verdict will serve to encourage the development of the music industry in Ukraine, where internet piracy virtually paralyzes the growth of an efficient and legitimate online music market.” Therefore, Ukraine will not be a “safe haven” for AllofMP3.com successors.

Luca Annunziata