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Hummer arrives, a 4×4 mobile phone

Hummer arrives, a 4×4 mobile phone

The Hummer mobile phone, anticipated to the press about three months ago and of which now, finally, some official information has been released will certainly be useful and appreciated by some fans of engines.

The model – made by ModeLabs – will be called HT1 and will reproduce in its appearance the colors and some typical connotations of the well-known American off-road vehicle of military derivation. The reference to the navigation button is evident, the appearance of which refers to the central part of the mighty wheel rim of the vehicle.

The Hummer HT1 will be a “slide-phone” type Triband GSM terminal, equipped with a 2.2-inch 262,000-color touchscreen display, 2 Megapixel camera, multimedia player, FM radio, 25 Megabyte internal memory expandable with MicroSD cards. , A2DP Bluetooth connectivity.

For the prices of this pocket off-road vehicle – which weighs about 100 grams – we are talking about figures around 300 euros. The timetable for its launch on the market has not yet been defined, but it should now be a matter of weeks.