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HP: with Alice yes, but without TPM


HP: with Alice yes, but without TPM

Anyone who is afraid of finding a laptop with TPM architecture by purchasing the HP laptop offered at favorable prices for Alice ADSL All Inclusive customers can breathe a sigh of relief: HP Italia confirmed yesterday at Punto Informatico that the HP Compaq NX 7400 notebook it does not integrate TPM Enhanced Drivelock technology.

As is well known, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is considered the heart of trusted computing architectures that many consider to be harmful to users’ rights. Although HP implements the TPM on several of its products, the company is keen to let people know that this is not the case with the notebook distributed in Italy through Alice.

As you will remember, last week Punto Informatico reported the news of the inclusion of the NX 7400 among the laptops in the list of “trusted” computers on the market maintained and updated by no1984.org. The reason for including the laptop in the list was due to a specification page which explicitly spoke of “TPM Enhanced Drivelock”, a specification that has now been removed as incorrect.

The technical specifications of the laptop published on the HP website in Italian can be reached at this address.