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HP Photosmart 422


HP Photosmart 422

The HP Photosmart 422 printer represents yet another compact model introduced by HP, for printing digital photos “on the fly”. This model is equipped with an interface for direct connection with HP cameras, it can also be connected with digital camera models with PtP type USB output for direct printing without a PC.

A welcome combination was created for the occasion, in fact inside the package there is a Photosmart M415 digital camera, with technical characteristics that are too high: 5.1 megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, the only truly subdued factor it is represented by the integrated Secure Digital memory, of only 16 MB: it will in fact be possible to record very few images at maximum resolution. The dimensions are certainly not those of a latest generation machine, but the shots taken can be printed in a short time and with decent quality without disturbing photographic laboratories.

Tests and conclusions
The Trusted Reviews site has posted a review of the Photosmart 422 printer, bundled with the M415 camera. The declared printing speed is 0.50 pages per minute, while the tests showed that for a color photo it took almost two minutes (1 minute and 44 seconds), which is reduced to 1 minute and 17 in the case of border print. The calculated costs per print are average, with 20 pence (about 30 cents) per color print, rising to 28 pence in the case of a monochrome print. The cartridge with the 3 grays is in fact slightly less expensive than the 3-color counterpart, we are talking about 16 pounds against 13 pounds, so the printing costs go up.
The printer received a 6/10 print quality rating.

The price communicated for this bundle is 149 pounds, about 217 euros at the current exchange rate.

Giovanni Fedele