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HP PCs write Blu-ray and HD DVD


HP PCs write Blu-ray and HD DVD

Palo Alto (USA) – Next month HP will launch both in the States and in Europe a new line of PCs equipped with an attractive feature for those interested in high definition: they will have a multi-standard blue laser burner, capable of reading and write Blu-ray and HD DVD media.

The multi-standard drives will be mounted on several PCs of the Pavilion line, including some media center models, and will allow you to play high-definition movies protected by the vigorous but not insurmountable DRM. And it is interesting to note that the same burners that will equip these systems will be offered by HP as an optional add-on for some of the computers already on the market.

For now, the unknown costs remain which, given the characteristics of the devices, may not be within the reach of all budgets.

The fact that HP has chosen this path, whereby it effectively embraces both formats in a new product line, should come as no surprise. HP was indeed one of the first manufacturers to equip their PCs with Blu-ray players and writers, a standard the company has embraced since its inception. But in late 2005 it joined the HD-DVD Promotions Group, thus also supporting the HD DVD standard.