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HP-Nokia: $ 185 million deal

HP-Nokia: $ 185 million deal

Milan – Hewlett-Packard will outsource Nokia Corporation’s business-critical IT services. The two companies announced an agreement under which HP “will transform the IT environment of the telecommunications company into a flexible and scalable infrastructure, maximizing the performance of services and minimizing their fixed costs.”

The three-year agreement, worth a total of $ 185 million, represents the largest IT outsourcing contract ever signed by Nokia.

In particular, HP Services will manage the operations centers dedicated to Nokia’s corporate infrastructures in Finland, the United States, China and Singapore, also making use of the collaboration of 260 Nokia technicians who will become fully employees of HP.

“We are proud to have a partner of the caliber of HP, the world’s leading global service provider,” said Mikko Kosonen, Nokia’s Senior Vice President, Strategy and Information Management. “The agreement, which will allow for significant cost savings through significant economies of scale, fits perfectly into Nokia’s strategy which aims to enhance a core of core competencies by delegating the remaining activities to global partners with proven capabilities.”