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HP mp2220, a portable digital projector

HP mp2220, a portable digital projector

Milan – HP has begun to market a new digital projector with outstanding mobile qualities. The mp2220 model, in fact, weighs just over 1 kg and allows assembly in about 15 seconds. The dimensions are comparable to a small sheet of letter-sized paper. The cables have been lightened in the materials; it also comes with a thin protective case, which allows it to be carried with one hand and stowed in any backpack, bag or briefcase

With a simple tap, users can quickly switch to presentation mode or video mode for better image optimization. The projector automatically selects the most suitable setting for data, graphics or video. Thanks to a textual control panel, a logical layout and the presence of keys diversified by shape and size, the use of the mp2220 digital projector would seem rather simple and intuitive.

The projector is equipped with a built-in 1.15: 1 zoom that allows you to quickly adjust images to different screen sizes. With 1400 ANSI (max) lumens, and a high level of contrast (2000: 1) and native XGA resolution (1024 x 768), the mp2220 is able to have final graphics quality comparable to larger products. The technology behind the device is DLPTM.

Color management is done via a 5-segment wheel, unlike traditional 4-segment standards. This way, each color should be brighter. As for connectivity, the projector has ports: VGA, S-video, composite video and audio.