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HP, Hurd’s statements


HP, Hurd’s statements

Palo Alto (USA) – Mark Hurd, the new CEO of HP who recently took over the helm of the company from which his predecessor Carly Fiorina recently had to leave, has spoken publicly for the first time as a new guide of society.

“My initial commitment – said the 48-year-old Hurd – will be to improve operational flows and push on growth in profits”.

Hurd then said he did not rule out that some HP divisions are separate from the company’s core businesses nor ruled out layoffs, but he held back from going into details. “Clearly – he declared – the company is not using all its potential”. And, probably thinking of Fiorina’s disputed merger with Compaq, Hurd said: “I’m not worried about the past in any way, if anything I’m worried about the future.”

For some time, HP shareholders have been asking for a radical change in the company’s strategies which, of the three big companies in the sector, with IBM and Microsoft, is the one that is growing the least at the moment.