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HP has Linux certified

HP has Linux certified

Palo Alto (USA) – The challenge between the two major giants committed to Linux, HP and IBM, is also played out in the race for certification, a particularly important step so that their systems based on the Penguin can cross the threshold of a large number of offices governmental and military.

And so, after IBM, HP also announced that it has completed the certification of its servers and workstations with Linux in accordance with the Evaluation Assurance Level 3 (EAL3), a certification that is part of an international evaluation standard. known as the Common Criteria for Information Security Evaluation (CC). Like its closest rival, HP has achieved this level of certification for some of its systems – ProLiant servers and Itanium 2 processor-based computers – that run the enterprise operating systems of Red Hat and SuSE Linux.

To receive EAL3 certification, a product must meet the Controlled Access Protection Profile (CAPP), a specification that establishes certain minimum security requirements for IT products used within entities or organizations that carry out some security activity. national.

Common Criteria (CC) is an internationally recognized ISO (ISO / IEC 15408) standard used by the US government and other countries, including Italy, as a quality standard for technology products. CC provides a standardized method for expressing safety requirements and defines the related set of stringent criteria by which product evaluation takes place. This assessment is based on restrictive standards in relation to numerous features, such as development environment, security features, security vulnerability management, security documentation, and product testing.

Putting CAPP / EAL3 certification in its pocket, HP now aims to obtain the next level, CAPP / EAL4, and possibly to extend EAL3 compliance to other profiles, such as the Labeled Security Protection Profile (LSPP) or Role-Based Access Control Protection Profile (RPACC). These goals are in common with other leaders in the Linux sector, including the aforementioned IBM, Red Hat and Novell: the latter expects to obtain the EAL4 certification for SuSE Linux Enterprise already by the end of the year.