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HP and MIT together for quantum computing


HP and MIT together for quantum computing

Palo Alto (USA) – In four and a half years and with a total cost of 2.5 million dollars, HP and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) hope to be able to build the first quantum-based computer system.

Basically it is about putting together and developing two technologies, quantum computing and that of electronic molecules. Quantum computing is based on the possibility of controlling quanta, the particles that could lead to the creation of computers that are infinitely higher than the current ones.

The hope is to be able to find, within ten years, a much more effective alternative to the sequential computing system offered today by systems based on silicon chips. According to HP, in fact, by 2012 silicon chips will have reached their physical and economic limits.

The agreement between HP and MIT is not the first of its kind, as last month HP announced a joint project with the University of California to build a 16Kbit quantum-based memory module.

Others are also engaged in quantum computing research, including the two Japanese giants NTT and NEC and the University of New South Wales, Australia.