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HP and Mandriva fly to South America

HP and Mandriva fly to South America

Palo Alto (USA)? HP has announced the new roadmap that includes the sale of new PCs, based on the Linux operating system, in the countries of Latin America. The distribution of the penguin that will be used for this purpose will be Mandriva, which boasts the characteristic of being one of the open source operating systems more friendly and less difficult to use.

Countries affected by Hewlett-Packard’s wide distribution will include Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. The first system will be sold in Brazil and will contain the Mandriva 2006 distribution. While the sales of PCs based on Linux operating systems they are not having the desired success on US and European soil, in the poorest countries it is becoming a real cure-all. It is precisely here, in states where technology is not accessible to the majority of the population (for obvious reasons related to prices), that free operating systems, or low-cost ones if you consider the cost of technical assistance, find a broad consensus. In addition, the PCs that will be sold in the American subcontinent will be equipped with programs and technical assistance in Spanish and Portuguese.

“The collaboration with HP has confirmed the quality and simplicity of our operating system,” said Sherry Elrod Manzano. “The new agreement for the distribution of low-cost PCs in Latin America further increases our commitment to these countries, in which we think we can grow enormously”.

Dario Panzeri