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How to turn WhatsApp conversations into books

How to turn WhatsApp conversations into books

Nobody can deny the influence that WhatsApp has had, and continues to have, in the lives of many people. Ever since the mobile app came of age, it became one of the most popular apps for mobile devices.

There are many men and women, young and not so young, who cannot live without it. Some use it excessively, it is evident, and others, in the right measure, taking advantage of all its benefits. It is not normal, but there are a few users who communicate through it with the person sitting in front of it. In some circumstances, there is the case of a couple in which each of the two, with their mobile at the ready, is WhatsApping with another or other people without paying attention to the one next to them.

How ZappTales Came About

For everyone, those who cannot live without it and for those who use the app in moderation, those responsible for Zapptales have created a tool, some time ago, that allows you to convert your WhatsApp conversations into digital books and, also, into printed books.

As one of the authors of the project tells us, the idea arose more than six years ago. This is what he tells us: “Four years ago the sister of one of the founders had a baby. Little Tomás, when he was only one year old, became the star of the family’s WhatsApp group: photos, monitoring of all his activities, comments from the family… A real diary of the little one. Not finding a way to immortalize this great story, we created ZappTales. Because there are many stories out there that deserve to be remembered!«

To consider

The project came into action in the month of April 2015. There are already many people who have seen with great eyes the development of the idea pointed out in the previous paragraph and developed in the video. The project’s support website was launched at the end of that month, about seven years ago. At this time it is possible to convert any conversation on WhatsApp into a digital book in PDF format. There are already many who have done it.

How to create a book

The process to follow to create a book is very simple. You just have to follow the steps as explained on the tool’s support website. Thus, if you have an Android device, you only have to have the chat you want to turn into a book open on your mobile, and in the menu at the top right select Send chat by mail.

Select all content, including photos, and send it to the address provided on the site (click the link below). After a few moments you will receive an email with a link that will give you everything you need to make your book. The process to follow in iOS is similar.


To know all the details of this tool, go to ZappTales. At this time it is also possible to print all messages, videos, photos, emojis and voice messages.

You will be able to create a personalized talking book. You can have it in PDF format, softcover and hardcover. If you use Facebook Messenger, you can also use the option enabled some time ago: turn your conversations into a book.