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How to publish PDF documents on Facebook with Pdf2Social

As a Facebook user, you will know that the system does not allow you, at least for now, to publish PDF documents on the social network. On many occasions you would like to accompany some of your publications with a document in this universal format.

For some time now, thanks to Pdf2Social, it is possible to convert any document in this format into an image and publish it on Facebook. Its operation is very simple, you just have to log in to the social network, access the application, fill out a small form, wait a few seconds and the PDF will be published on your profile converted into an image.

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What does Pdf2Social offer?

The technology you use Pdf2Social it is used by many online and desktop applications, but focused on Facebook. You will not have to resort to one of the external applications that are used to do what you want, now you can do it directly from your profile.

So if you have a three-page PDF, three images will be created that will be incorporated into your publication. All this online, without the need to have anything installed on your computer.


Among the features offered by this service, the following stand out:

  • The PDF to be shared will be previously converted into images, which are necessary depending on the pages of the document. These images can be viewed without problems on computers and mobile devices from your Facebook account.
  • The publication process is very fast, in just 3 seconds a normal document is published, which does not have a large number of pages.
  • It is an online service that does not require the installation of an application on the computer.
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To consider

In this way you can convert documents created with a word processor to PDF, such as Microsoft Word, Writer, or LibreOffice Writer, and then post them on Facebook. Do not hesitate, whenever you need to publish a PDF on your wall, use Pdf2Social.

Those responsible for this tool tell us the following:

You did a great presentation last week at your corporate event. In particular, he got great feedback on his slides. They were clear, beautiful, and they really appealed to their attendees. That’s why you’re not surprised to hear your boss asking you to post your slides on the company’s Facebook page. After all, he is always looking for quality content to share on social media.

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To use this tool, you must access Pdf2Social. The service provided by this tool is completely free.

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