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How to know if my hard drive is bad

It happens on more than one occasion, the hard disk has one or more failures and the computer does not work. Although in a remarkable number of occasions we can find out where the problem lies, it is not always easy to return everything to the state before the failure. On many occasions we have to resort to external help, such as finding solutions when the pc does not recognize the hard drive.

There are several causes that can cause the failure. Sometimes it can be a hardware problem or have one of the elements that connects the hard drive to the motherboard damaged. It may also be due to a failure in the operating system. In any case, it is convenient to use programs to diagnose the hard disk.

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Whatever the reason for the error, in most cases it will be possible to find a solution. The first step that must be carried out is, after pressing the power button on the computer, access the BIOS. This will help us to find out if the hard disk appears in the list of elements that allow the computer to start.

What do we find in the BIOS?

The abbreviations of BIOS refer to Basic Input Output System (basic input / output system). When we access it we will see everything that the firmware of the equipment contains. The moment the computer is turned on, the BIOS kicks in. It is evident that it is part of any computer, so it does not require any type of installation.

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Although the normal thing is that the hard disk appears in the BIOS as the first element in the boot, if a change has been made in the configuration, it can mean that the hard disk does not appear as essential, so its access is denied.

In the event that the hard disk does not appear in the list of items in the BIOS, a physical examination of the computer will be required. Check, as we have already pointed out, that there is no broken connection between the elements connected to the motherboard.

There is also the possibility to check if the fault is not in the hard disk itself. To do this, you will have to remove it from the computer and use a USB cable to connect it to another computer. If it still doesn’t work, we can deduce that the fault is with this physical drive. This means that, to continue enjoying the computer, you will have to change the hard drive and reinstall the system and applications.

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Use Windows to check disk operation

In the event that the problem is in other aspects, focused on settings and files, we would also have to remove the hard drive from the computer and connect it to another computer as explained above.

From there, that second drive will have to be accessed from Disk Management. In this section we can check if there is a fault. To do this we do the following in Windows 10:

  • We access within the menu Settings, in the Applications section, to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management.
  • A window with three columns will open. In the left column, click on Storage -> Disk Management.
  • We only have to select, in the central area, the disk from which we want to see the information. In the event that an error is displayed, we will have to resort to a tool to proceed with the recovery. We can, for example, try with chkdsk / r , and wait for the correction process to finish
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After finishing the process indicated above, we must reconnect the disk to the computer where the failures were displayed. If the computer already starts up without problems, we will no longer have to do anything. In the event that the failure persists, it is best to turn to an expert in order to solve it.

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