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How to disable some system interface notifications in Android Pie

Jack Wallen shows you how to disable a small part of the notifications coming from the system interface in Android Pie.

How to turn off system interface notifications in Android Pie If you receive too many notifications in Android Pie, you can turn off a small part of the notifications coming from the system interface.

Android Pie is giving users a bit more control back. Some of that control is pretty obvious, while another part is hidden, to prevent the average user from discovering what is available. One of these controls that falls into the latter category is the ability to disable some notifications from the system user interface.

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What are system interface notifications? Do you know when you take a screenshot and Android informs you that you just took a screenshot? It is a system interface notification. Now, before you jump in and say, “Of course I do! I hate when Android reminds me that I just took a screenshot, ”knowing that the Android Pie screenshot notification now includes the ability to quickly share that screenshot from within the notification itself. So what could have been an annoyance in Android Oreo, is now actually quite useful.

But there may be other toast notifications that you don’t want. Fortunately, the developers made it possible to disable them. Unfortunately, it does not apply to all notifications. In other words, Android Pie is very specific and limited in what you can disable. My guess is that this will change over time, but for now, the feature is not as big in scope as what you might want.

That said, it’s still a good idea to know how to disable those notifications, in case they get too intrusive.

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What you will need

You’ll only need one thing: a device running Android 9 (aka Pie. Without the latest iteration of the platform, you won’t find this option available.

How to turn off notifications

The first thing to do is locate the system interface settings. With recent versions of Android, this is now incredibly easy. Instead of searching the Settings app to find the System UI, just open Settings and type System UI in the search bar. When the results appear (), click the entry for the system user interface.

In the configuration window of the system user interface ), you will see a list of all the toast notifications that are sent to the Notification Shadow, most of which are grayed out. In fact, as of this writing, there are only two toast notifications that you can disable:

At the moment, the rest of the notifications cannot be deactivated.

To disable any of the available notifications, tap the associated check box. In that same window, you can also disable the notification dots for those notifications by tapping the ON / OFF slider until it is in the Off position.

Once you have disabled a particular notification, it will no longer appear in the notification shading.

Not much to see here … yet

And that’s pretty much all that needs to be done to disable system interface notifications. At the moment, there are only two notifications that can be disabled, but I imagine that, in the next versions, the number of notifications that can be disabled will increase. Until then, if you don’t want to be informed that you just took a screenshot or be warned about battery life, you are in control of those notifications.

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