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How to copy your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

How to copy your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

In recent weeks, alternative messaging platforms such as Telegram and Signal are gaining millions of users at the expense of the giant WhatsApp. Users who think about log out of the Facebook group messaging platform however, they may be discouraged when thinking about the destination of the conversations they have had with the contacts that have been stored in the application. Fortunately now it is possible copy all these cats from WhatsApp directly on Telegram, thanks to an automatic import system created by the developers of the Pavel Durov application.

How to move conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram

The procedure is not particularly complex, but if you intend to have a lot of conversations, it may take a while. You must have the latest available version of Telegram first, so please update via Play Store or App Store. After this step is completed, you can switch to WhatsApp to transfer chats. To do it, come Android you must enter each conversation you want to copy, press the button with the three dots vertically to the right of the header bar, choose the Other item and then the command Export chats. The package, with or without media files included, is shared using the share menu of the operating system and looking for Telegram among the options. Upwards ios The same thing happens, but the steps to get there are slightly different: Option menu for individual chats, it can be accessed by directly tapping the header within conversations, and the Export Chat command is directly visible within; the application generates a file that can be shared using the appropriate iOS interface.

This is where the system imagined by the developers comes into play, asking in which jack the newly obtained materials should be transported. Once the choice is made, taking care to select the correct contact, the chat and attachments on WhatsApp are transferred in bulk. The operation may take several minutes if the material is abundant; the result is however a carbon copy of WhatsApp chat, ported to Telegram. The date the message was sent remains that of when the operation was performed, but the messages remain chronologically ordered and accompanied by additional wording from Telegram specifying when the message was originally sent.