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Hi-tech, a challenge to consumption

Hi-tech, a challenge to consumption

Milan – “According to the latest research carried out by Gartner, the ICT industry would be responsible for the production of 2% of total carbon dioxide emissions. A huge amount, equal to that caused by air transport. In this context, a conscious purchase and use of office equipment, such as PCs, printing peripherals and mobile phones, but also servers and network systems, become essential to achieve a low environmental impact and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in ‘ atmosphere.

The same goes for washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. The correct choice of home appliances could really lead to significant energy and economic savings. Suffice it to say that a class A + washing machine consumes an average of 0.17 KWh for each kilogram of laundry, compared to a consumption of 0.27 KWh for a class C appliance.
In the same way, despite the fact that at the time of initial purchase a low consumption light bulb costs more on the market, its energy consumption is on average 6 to 10 times less than a traditional one “.

These are the premises with which the new edition of the Ecohitech Award is presented, which every year since 1998 rewards products and solutions from the technological world that prove to ensure the lowest environmental impact and the greatest energy savings.

This year’s award ceremony, organized by the Ecoqual’It Consortium under the patronage of WWF Italy, will take place in Milan on 29 October. The ceremony will be held within a conference dedicated to the theme of energy efficiency, in which, in addition to the Secretary General of WWF Italy, Michele Candotti, some of the main companies in the sector will speak: IBM Italia, Sharp Italia, 3M Italia, NRG Italy and Enel.

All the info on the appointment are on the dedicated website