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Here’s how Virgin Hyperloop sees the future of its pods: wireless charging, lots of LEDs, and its own sound system to guide you.

Although there is already much less noise, the attempts to realize the Hyperloop transport system continue at least from the already known players. One of them is Virgin Hyperloop, which did its first passenger test last year (they did two) and now show us what it would be like to travel with Virgin Hyperloop in a video.

It is a virtual and fictional journey, since they show us what a station would look like in addition to the interiors of the capsules that we have not yet seen in the tests we have mentioned. The idea is quite attractive, since Technologies such as wireless charging for devices are included., different designs of the seats and that these would even incorporate LEDs as an information display. I said, all conceptual, but it’s still funny what they hope will be a reality in the next few years.

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Futuristic and bright style

The capsules that we see in this new video from Virgin Hyperloop are quite different from what we have seen in tests and in the company’s current capsules. We see a much more polished and attractive design, with wooden seats and a seemingly larger space in which two rows of seats fit and there is an aisle.

As they explain, for the design, they work with Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Teague (these for the design of the capsules). As they have to be capsules without windows to the outside, what they want to achieve is that the environment is pleasant and bright, making sure that the green keys are not missing either in the stations or in the capsules themselves and imitating what we would see. in the sky with large zenith panels.

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What we see are dynamic information boards like LEDs on the seats and walls, in the style of these wooden digital alarm clocks. They explain that the idea is for passengers to be guided by both images and sound, with their own audio system as a guide.

In the seats that we see wireless charging surfaces for mobile devices (see that in the video the passengers do not need seat belts, unlike the tests with real passengers). We also see that the capsules would be equipped with emergency defibrillators.

Virgin Hyperloop talks about 28 passengers per capsule and that the system will be able to transport hundreds of passengers every hour. All controlled by their own software of which they do not give details.

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What touches something tangentially is the question of prices. Jay Walder, CEO of Virgin Hyperloop, explains in the same press release that they want their transportation to be accessible and that “it’s simple: if it’s not affordable, people won’t use it.”

But given the exclusivity, speed, and setting they showed us in that last video, it’s hard to believe for now that this is anything cheap, or at least compared to current media. We will see where this “accessibility” remains if the Hyperloop manages to be a reality beyond testing. For now, they hope to get safety certified by 2025 and start trading in 2030, so you still have to be patient.

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Images and videos | Virgin Hyperloop

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