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HackBGRT: Windows 10 UEFI Boot Logo Changer

HackBGRT: Windows 10 UEFI Boot Logo Changer

Windows 10 allows you to change the login screen (login screen) and the lock screen background image to a custom image. However, prior to this, there was no way to change the UEFI boot logo in Windows 10.

If your PC is UEFI compliant, you will likely see the OEM logo every time you turn on your Windows 10 PC. For example, if you are using an HP laptop, you will see the HP logo during startup.

Not everyone likes to see the same UEFI boot logo every time they turn on their PC. Unfortunately, until now, there was no concrete solution to change the Windows 10 UEFI boot logo as the manufacturer or OEM logo is stored in the Boot Graphics Resource Monitor (BGRT) section of the UEFI firmware.

HackBGRT is a free utility designed to allow PC users to change Windows 10 UEFI boot logo without any hassle. HackBGRT allows you to change Windows 10 UEFI boot logo in just a few clicks.

As mentioned above, the UEFI boot logo is stored in UEFI firmware, which is very difficult to change permanently. HackBGRT overwrites this image on every boot to display the custom Windows 10 boot logo.

It is important to note that HackBGRT must be run on computers that support UEFI (check if your PC supports UEFI) and only use it if you are booting with UEFI enabled. The tool’s developer also recommends disabling Secure Boot.

The image you want to use as the UEFI boot logo must be a 24-bit BMP file with a 54-byte header. If you specify multiple images, you will see random boot logos.

Your Windows 10 PC may not be able to boot if something goes wrong by changing the startup logo. So try this only if you know what you are doing. Before running the tool, we recommend that you create a system restore point or create a full backup of the Windows 10 installation image just to be safe.

Visit the link below to download the latest version of HackBGRT tool for Windows 10. Please note that it is fully compatible with Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

If you have Windows 7, check out our guide on how to change the Windows 7 start screen logo.

Download HackBGRT