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Guide: release dates for new PS4 games in 2021

@ JJ2 There will always be comparisons. But I think a game like Death Stranding would look better as a PS5 launch title rather than a PS4 swan song.

Of course, if the PS5 turns out to be just a PS4 New Pro, which means it plays all PS4 games but also PS5 games, like the New 3DS, people won’t. They won’t have to buy what came out. PS5, they can keep playing PS4 games in 4k enhanced or whatever PS5 does to them.

But there’s always an added excitement for a new console launch – Ninteod was selling games like 1 2 Switch and Snipperclips alongside Zelda, neither of which would sell very well now, and I think the excitement will help Death Stranding the most. What about another Uncharted? Tomb Raider or God of War, which would sell itself.

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And he didn’t want to hit Spiderman, just maybe last year or next year he could have gotten a few more awards, without having to face GoW and RDR2. The first year of a new console is usually a bit sterile (Switch changed that with the winning Wii U games) and that would benefit DS more than other well-known games. New IPs are always hard to sell hence GoW, RDR2, and all the other endless suites from Uncharted, Tomb Raider, AC, etc.

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