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Google Play Protect, to protect Android devices

The heading for the presentation and analysis of characteristics of Google Play Protect summarizes the meaning of this tool for Android devices: «Daily protection for 2 billion users«. That is what the Mountain View company intends, to turn these devices into safe objects, to prevent malware from installing and infecting smartphones and tablets.

If we could control the operation of our mobile device, know that we can use it safely, without taking unnecessary risks, we would be totally satisfied. This is what it intends Google Play Protect, help users to control the device and also advise on the control process.

What does Google Play Protect offer?

With this security system the protection will be continuous, without interruption. The protection will be total, of applications and data. A real-time analysis will help you achieve what Google Play Protect aims to.

Another of the functions it includes is the ability to locate the mobile if it has been lost, and to protect it remotely, causing it to be blocked if necessary. In addition, in the event that it is suspected that it will not be recovered, all the data it contains can be erased.

To consider

As we are told on the page indicated in the first paragraph, the tool analyzes 50,000 million applications daily: «All Android applications go through a process of rigorous security tests before appearing on the Google Play Store. We evaluate all Google Play developers and their apps, and we screen out those who violate our policies. Plus, Google Play Protect scans billions of apps daily to make sure everything is working properly. In this way, before downloading any application, you will know that we have verified it «. But there is even more, web browsing on the device using Google Chrome will be completely safe.

To use the mobile safely it is clear that all applications must be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Google Play Protect it takes care of analyzing them all and it also takes care of analyzing those already installed on the Android device. After opening the Google Play Store application on the device and clicking on the button Menu -> Play Protect, you will be able to see all the performances of the program.


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