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GIMP 2.4 colors open source

GIMP 2.4 colors open source

Almost three years after the release of the last major release, the famous open source graphics program GIMP arrives in a new version, 2.4.0, which, although not revolutionary, introduces novelties and improvements of a certain importance.

From an aesthetic point of view, the new GIMP adopts a new graphic theme for icons which respects the guidelines of the FreeDesktop.org Tango project: the purpose of these rules is to make the graphical interface of cross-platform applications more homogeneous and coherent.

As for the functionality, however, among the most important news mention should be made of scalable brushes, the ability to resize existing selections, a more powerful tool for extracting foreground objects, a new tool for aligning image layers and more extensive support for image formats.

Lovers of photo retouching will love the improved full-screen image editing mode, the support for color profiles a more powerful cropping tool, a red-eye filter, a function for correcting the distortion introduced by photographic lenses, and a new print window which now promises to provide the user with easier and more immediate access to all aspects of printing.

A summary of the news of GIMP 2.4 can be found on this page and in this document in Italian (dated March 2007 but largely still current) hosted on the gimp-italia.org site. The program can be downloaded for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows from here .

The future release of GIMP, the 2.6 , should finally bring with it a completely revamped graphical interface. For more information, and to propose your ideas, see the GIMP UI brainstorm blog.