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Game directed by Cellbit sets record for crowdfunding in Catharsis

Previous record was from Tormenta 20, RPG published by Jambô Editora

Paranormal Order: Riddle of Fear, exploration and survival game with creative direction from the streamer Rafael “Cellbit” Langeofficially broke the record for crowdfunding of the platform Catharsis.

In the publication of this note, the game had already collected R $ 1,970,583, an amount higher than the amount of R $ 1,918,106 that had been collected by Storm 20, project that holds the previous record.

The collection record comes five days after the opening of the crowdfunding campaign. The game had the initial objective of collecting R $ 500 thousand for its production, and reached the goal in about five hours. The campaign still has 55 days left.

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RPG inspired by no universe Storm, by Marcelo Cassaro, Rogério Saladino e J. M. Trevisan, Tormenta 20 was the previous record holder for the platform and crowdfunding projects in Brazil.

Tormenta’s record was broken in June last year, when the project reached R $ 1.11 million and surpassed the previous record holder – the project QueerMuseum.

Paranormal Order: Enigma do Fear is described as “a game of exploration, enigmas and survival with a deep and engaging narrative in the RPG universe”. With an isometric perspective, the game has visual pixel art and brings some 3D elements when solving puzzles.

The game follows the story of Mia, an intelligent paranormal detective, always accompanied by her faithful dog Lupi, while exploring hand-drawn pixel art and 3D environments.

The project is a production of Dumativa Game Studio, Rio de Janeiro developer responsible for the projects The hero’s legend e Shieldmaiden. The initiative also includes Castros Brothers (Matheus Castro e Marcos Castro) who also worked with the studio on A Lenda do Heroi.

With the amount raised so far, Paranormal Order: Enigma of Fear has already hit almost all of its additional funding goals – including console versions PlayStation, Xbox e Switch, and the launch of a DLC dubbed The Secret In The Forest. The game will also arrive for PC and is scheduled to launch in June 2022.

Unlike what was originally indicated by the note title, Paranormal Order: Riddle of Fear it is currently the largest project in the creative area in terms of collection in Brazilian crowdfunding platforms. The Brazilian general record is still for the construction project of Vasco da Gama’s CT, on the platform Kickante.

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