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From Windows to Linux, a course

From Windows to Linux, a course

Milan – Starting from the second / third week of October, a basic course on gnu / linux organized by the ColorPorpora Humanist Center will be held; “The same – reads a note – will be divided into 8 lessons, in which we will practice the use of gnu / linux in order to be able to do everything that is done with windows or Mac and even something more”.

The main points will be:
– Structure of the gnu / linux filesystem, how the various devices are hooked up, etc …
– Installation and uninstallation of programs, both from graphical and console tools (rpm, deb, etc).
– Configuration of your video card, audio, printer, scanner, video camera, digital camera.
– Configuration of the ADSL modem, the network card.
– Use of some programs.
– Kernel compilation.

“Those enrolled in the course – continues the note – can suggest some topics that I want to discuss in the course. The course is suitable for people who normally do all these operations with Windows or Mac “.

Everything is free, a contribution is required for the rental of the premises and for the maintenance of the PCs. “It is also required – concludes the note – reciprocity in volunteering for participants which consists in giving the availability of any other voluntary activity to help others (be it a course, or practical help)”.

For information contact: Dario Belli
The ColorPorpora association is at this address