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Free PS5 and PS4 Games Announced for PS Plus for February 2021

February Playstation plus the games have been officially announced, and honestly, that’s a great lineup. We’ve known for some time that Destruction AllStars will be February’s main act on PlayStation 5, but next month’s pick isn’t all about that.

Control: Ultimate Edition is part of the deal too, available on PS5 and PS4, an inclusion we never saw coming. And to top it off, we have the carefully crafted Concrete Genie for PS4. Not bad, huh?

All three games can be downloaded starting Tuesday, February 2. Destruction AllStars will be available for two months, until April 5.

While we haven’t reviewed Destruction AllStars yet, keep your eyes peeled for full coverage of this next week, we recommend Concrete Genie in our 7/10 review:

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Concrete Genie is a warm and joyful experience that embraces creativity in a unique way. Painting your way through Denska is effortless fun, and the geniuses helping Ash on his adventure are charming. While this main focus of the game is well done, the combat feels like an afterthought as it’s hidden at the end. This and a few minor issues keep the game from growing, but as a whole it’s definitely worth playing, and it’s just as pretty as the picture.

We haven’t reviewed the PS5 version of Control: Ultimate Edition yet, but we did have fun with the original PS4 version in our 7/10 review:

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Control is definitely a great experience, but it won’t go down in the history books. Its exploratory and combat-oriented gameplay is a huge bonus thanks to the abilities that give you a chance to get creative, but the unreliable frame rate that comes with it all too often puts an end to the fun. It’s definitely worth playing around, but that’s all there is to be commended for.

What do you think of this PS Plus range? Give us your full reaction in the comment section below.

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